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Post Posted: July 5th 2009 10:09 pm
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Okay here is my complete intended edition for Revenge Of The Sith. There was more material for Revenge Of The Sith with The Force Unleashed rips then there were for Attack Of The Clones. Thanks to those rips we have a good chunk of "The Death Of Dooku" (which has become a kick ass track), most of "Be Careful Of Your Friend", some of "Hold Me", the clean transition between unreleased pieces for "Going To Utapau", and good portion for "The Birth Of The Twins". Also there was a kick ass unused piece from "I Am The Senate" with the rips, you'll hear it in the cue. Even during game play I heard a few other pieces I was able to record, such as the ending for "Fighting With Grievous" (most of it), the unreleased portion from the beginning of "Heroes Collide". For the remaining unreleased music I used rear channel rips from both the U.S. and German versions of the films.

Just like with the Attack Of The Clones music from the TFU rips you'll hear distortion. I'm not sure why there was disortion present but unfortunately there was. When ever new Star Wars games are released and if even more unreleased music for both Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith surface I will be sure to incorporate them into my edits.

Just like with Attack Of The Clones and The Phantom Menace cues run into each other for this set like you would hear in the film. All files are in flac format, enjoy!

Like with The Phantom Menace set I would like feedback for this too.

Disc One Part One

Disc One Part Two

Disc Two Part One

Disc Two Part Two


01. 20th Century Fox Fanfare (0:23)
02. Star Wars Main Title (1:17)
03. Boys Into Battle (2:50)*
04. They're Coming Around (1:43)
05. Get 'Em, R2! (1:47)*
06. General Grievous (0:49)*
07. The Elevator Scene (2:10)*
08. Count Dooku's Entrance (0:51)
09. The Death Of Dooku (2:11)
10. Grievous and The Droids (3:27)*
11. Another Happy Landing (0:42)
12. Revisiting Padmé (1:53)
13. Grievous Travels To Palpatine (1:55)
14. Scenes and Dreams (5:59)
15. Be Careful Of Your Friend (1:38)
16. Council Meeting (4:21)*
17. Hold Me (0:36)
18. Palpatine's TV Set (1:44)
19. Palpatine's Big Pitch (3:42)
20. Goodbye Old Friend (2:26)*
21. Going To Utapau (2:13)*
22. Riding The Lizard (1:27)
23. Obi-Wan Fares / Droids (0:20)
24. Drawing Swords (0:11)
25. Good Guys Arrive (0:28)
26. Palpatine's Seduction (2:34)
27. Rolling With Grievous (0:54)*
28. Fighting With Grievous (1:31)*
29. Dialogue With Mace (1:28)
30. Padmé's Ruminations (1:42)
31. I Am The Senate (5:11)*
32. Palpatine Instructs Anakin (1:53)*


01. Lament (4:15)
02. Bail's Escape (0:30)*
03. Swimming, Droids, Yoda Farewell (1:13)
04. News Of The Attack (1:26)
05. Moving Things Along (6:10)
06. Anakin's Dark Deeds (2:13)
07. It Can't Be (4:58)
08. A Moody Trip (0:59)
09. Padmé's Visit (5:03)
10. Heroes Collide (4:25)
11. Duel Of Yoda and Sidious (1:30)
12. Yoda Falls (0:15)
13. The Boys Continue (2:04)
14. Yoda To Exile (0:29)
15. Revenge Of The Sith (2:45)
16. The Immolation Scene (2:27)
17. Anakin Crawling (1:10)
18. The Birth Of The Twins (3:44)*
19. The Death Of Padmé (2:06)
20. Plans For The Twins (1:31)
21. Padmé's Funeral (0:50)
22. A Home For The Twins (1:42)
23. End Credits (7:10)
24. Revenge Of The Sith (Concert Version) (3:42)


Post Posted: July 25th 2009 8:03 pm
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This is great. I'm at the expanded space battle...very interesting. Although I despise the use of DVD channel rips for music (since it always sounds like echoey crap and has sfx), it's nice to hear the music placed for an idea of the complete cues.

Post Posted: July 25th 2009 8:24 pm
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Glad you're enjoying it. :) Yes it's a shame about the DVD rips...but it's only temporary until that music actually surfaces in future games. Now with The Force Unleashed coming out on PC with more levels, I'm hoping that there will be even more unreleased ROTS (and AOTC) music.

Do you like my Phantom Menace edit?

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