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What's happening here at

It appears that a silent second exodus is occurring (the first of which took place in 2005 following a dramatic purging of a certain clique's user accounts). I won't name names or spill any details (not that I really know or have any) but I will say that this second flight of a sizable group of members from this once brimming and mighty forum, lately characterized by long stretches of inactivity and overzealous diatribe against Disney/LFL, is perfectly understandable given the forum's state and the state of online Star Wars "fandom" in recent time. But is this just a second exodus or something more existentially fateful to as we know it? Have the more active members and notable personalities of banded together to leave this archaic but open space to die an eventual 404 death in order to carry on the MF brand in a more mobile-friendly and exclusive arena? Unfortunately, I suspect the latter.

In any case, I will carry on in this now more quiet sanctuary, as doomed as it might be, and continue to post newsworthy items as they break or simply provide my usually brief commentary if someone else gets to it first. And hopefully enjoy a bit of discussion too. I suppose it's now up to me and those who remain to try to breathe what life we can back into this forum given these latest developments. I don't mind. I'll think of myself as one of those caretakers on Ahch-To. Helping to maintain grounds I've considered special and dare I say hallowed for nearly 15 years and 1,121 posts until the end may come.

Now, who else is stickin' around this enchanting old ruin with me? Let's have a MotherFuckin' roll call! :metal:

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It would be nice if this forum was more consistently busy, but I do prefer this over :gb2tfn: where it's so strict that even the slightest aside or funny comment is deleted almost immediately. I think I once responded to someone there with "that's what she said," and was sent to the dog house. Really anal, stupid and not fun.

And I love the MF emoticons. :goomf: :funkywhatevaho: :lolbutts: :bunnys:

Post Posted: June 26th 2018 12:20 pm
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Still here after all of the change. Disney Star Wars is depressing but the run-up to the prequels is an unforgettable time.

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I prefer smaller communities like MF. Posts tend to be more intelligible and more conducive to actual discussion when you have a smaller group of the same people. You can write a well thought out post and not have it be lost among fifty pages of "Best movie ever" or "It sucked, it's the worst thing that ever happened to me" type of posts. I'm with MF till the end of the line.

Post Posted: June 27th 2018 8:14 am
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For some time I could not succesfully log in and tried contact administrator but no luck then one day it was all working again.

Have been trying to be more active where I can.

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:chewbacca: I've been lurking since at least 2005. Started out looking for spoilers then to find soundtracks. Easily my favorite place for star wars takes now. Even contributors I don't always agree with I have great respect for and love the explanations given.

I also enjoy the not so serious behavior and immature emoticons here.

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Longtime MF lurker/poster, too ... formerly known as Darth Caras & Caras Moali ... Here since the Prequels and MF is by far the best SW Community out there

Post Posted: June 28th 2018 9:13 pm
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As you can see by my register date, I was one of the first to sign up when DP finally had enough of TFN's bullshit and made his own forum. Fall 2003 was prime ROTS spoiler season and it was a wonderful time. I found the ROTS Incredible Cross Sections book before its street date and was able to share some scans with this fine forum.

I still find the post-to-intelligence quotient here strong enough that I enjoy popping in to see what new comments are made several times a week. I think everyone here as pretty good respect for one another, and unpopular opinions are welcome and appreciated. I know in my stance of unconditional love for everything Lucas did, I don't find myself subject to the same asshole nonsense I might elsewhere, and for that, I respect and enjoy this place and the people in it.

I first signed up with :gb2tfn: when the AOTC title was announced in August 2001. I was over there the night the rumors of N'Sync appearing in the film hit, and my God, what a goddamn bloodbath. But when DP opened up the doors here, I jumped at the chance to be a part of the community. Still enjoy it today. I do wish it was busier sometimes, and I do wish we had spoiler sources like we did in the prequel era.

And I can't write this post without a shoutout to forum user Raveers, who provided us with some amazing soundtrack releases, especially of AOTC and ROTS as well as the Matrix trilogy and other terrific scores that have never seen a full release. Cryostar also deserves a mention for posting PDFs of the first batches of Marvel comics after it picked up the Star Wars license.

All in all, has been awesome and I'll be here until they turn out the lights for good.

Post Posted: July 2nd 2018 7:35 am
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Thanks for chiming in, all!

I no longer sense a plot to abandon I may have jumped the gun a bit with my initial suspicions. :oops:

Post Posted: September 6th 2018 11:34 pm
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It's just not a fun time to be a Star Wars fan.

The new cartoon looks horrid.
A lot of Marvel stuff is junk.
If I hear the name Thrawn one more time, I am going to run amok.
What the f--k does Jon Favreau know about Star Wars? That project is already done.
The Last Jedi was f---ing garbage.
Solo tanked. I haven't seen it yet. After TLJ, I refused to give Disney my money.

Kennedy needs to be fired.
Johnson's project needs to be cancelled immediately. For cryin' out loud Disney, take the hint.
I'd say that serious people need to be brought in, but after the Kasdan's stated than Lando was... uh... pansexual, I'm even starting to wonder about those that once had the faith of the fans.

Post Posted: September 9th 2018 10:02 am
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Captain Walker wrote:
Lando was... uh... pansexual


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