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December 14 2009

download: (.mp4, .mpg, .wmv)



Mike Blanchard phoned Philip Bloom] up 3 weeks later to see if [he] could come over and consult about the potential of using video DSLRs for their productions.

5 days staying at Skywalker Ranch as their guest and showing [LucasFilm] how to get the best out of the Canon 5DmkII and the Canon 7D. [LucasFilm] also wanted to be shown how to use the EX3, Letus Ultimate and Nanoflash.


80% of the footage was shot on the 5DmkII at 30p, then conformed to 23.98p in Cinema tools, effectively causing a slight slowdown but as no sync was used this was fine. All the timelapses were done on the 7D apart from the first star one. Some shots of the mist on the lake were done on the 7D too in 23.98p mode. I found them indistinguishable in the edit.


[LucasFilm] were also looking at new ways to shoot the much anticipated “Star Wars” live action TV series. [LucasFilm] wanted to see how well the 7D and 5DmkII stood up with this in mind.

Not necessarily shooting on these cameras but you never know, with a few mods and tweaks and the ability to connect that Nanoflash up to the 5dmkII or 7D.


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swguru2004 wrote:
I saw this video on StarWars's Twitter feed. This is some amazingly beautiful footage of Skywalker Ranch filmed using DSLR's I highly recommend reading his write up. The video is best viewed in Full Screen.

Thanks for the heads up. From that article There was some Live-Action Series Info. Since this forum needs a new thread and Lucas and McCallum invited Bloom for DSLR demonstrations "for their productions" one can conclude the series are still going forward (albeit slowly).

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Very beautiful video, and look- no CGI in sight! :mrgreen:

Good to hear about the live-action coming along (sorta).

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Wow. Fantastic video. Nicely done, all-round (including the musical selection). Thanks!

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By the way, Philip Bloom confirms that principal photography has been completed on "Red Tails" which was news to me! :chewbacca:

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