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Post Posted: May 19th 2015 9:55 pm
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Thought an anniversary thread would be a good way to restore some of the lost content here thanks ImageShack selling out and a MegaUpload getting shut down. Also post if III holds up a decade later or any favorite moments leading up the release.

III was a movie which had it's biggest "spoiler" dropped a day before and then two weeks after the film's premiere date. The "spoiler" being a workprint which leaked a day before then a actual telecine released two weeks later.

In terms of content which needs to be restored here is some I am requesting:

Original Back In Black Video file.
Original Graphic Novel Scans.
Original Illustrated Screenplay files.
Original 256kbps Soundtrack files.
Insider Scans
Sith Promotional Images.


Since it's 10 years later I would think it would be acceptable to post actual HyperSpace content (Where you one of those lucky (several) dozen recieptants of :quote: borrowed :quote: HyperSpace user-passwords provided by you know who? (me)).

What HyperSpace images are needed:

Before The Helmet
"Art Of Revenge"

This post is a WIP (Work In Progress) with links added to original threads to be added. Note: I would be restoring a lot of content from my stash. Specifially the infamous Trivial Pursuit videos (which actually showed the final scene of III) and Spoileriffic images and "Darth Friday" conceptual art.

Post Posted: May 19th 2015 10:33 pm
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Ladies and gentlemen, Back in Black! :heavymetal:

Before the Helmet (69 images):

Art of Revenge (25 images):

Plus, this first look at ROTS Anakin from the on-set Hyperspace webcam in 2003:


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If you'd like to remember the entire media malaise around the film:

...or just the chapter where George says "nope, this is the end of it", "it's finished", "this is the last piece in the puzzle", "no more"... ... yCont.html

Post Posted: July 23rd 2015 2:44 am
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Great times. I loved the Spoiler time of Episode III. So much great stuff they showed us without showing anything. I remember the BTH Pic "Sleeples Knight" which was the first official view of Anakin and Padme in Ep III. But I too remember when they revealed the Webcam pic of Anakin in Ep III, doing the Vader Finger. Great times. This how you promote the movie. not by telling on and on how they make the movies SFX...

Post Posted: July 23rd 2015 10:16 am
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They focus on what they can focus on while spoiling as little as possible. Their approach makes sense. Even if it's a bit too techno-purist and fan-fellating for my taste.

I rather admire that Disney/LFL is letting very little story information out as opposed to those infamous Episode III/Hyperspace days. It keeps my spoiler addiction at bay and retains what I'm sure will be some cool, new surprises at the cinema.

Post Posted: September 8th 2015 8:09 pm
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i'll never forget the spoiler season, logging in to MF on Christmas to check the spoilers. I don't mind being spoiled as it is always different seeing it anyways. You may know whats kind of coming but you don't how exactly how, when, or how it will look. I am hoping we get back to that on the Anthologies if not the next two major eps

Post Posted: November 11th 2015 2:13 am

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I've been lurking here for a good 10+ years, since I found out where all the spoilers were originating from (more or less). You had it all nicely in one place. Pure bliss. I saved all of that stuff you're looking for to CD's and DVD... and promptly threw all of that stuff away 6 months ago. God damnit.

Post Posted: December 29th 2015 4:39 am

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Any links to my photobucket are still active, but some of the thumbnails need to be edited to display properly.

Making Of Revenge Scans
Art Of Revenge Scans
[MF] Revenge of the Sith Calendar Scans
Visual Dictionary [scans]

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