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Post Posted: November 13th 2019 7:29 am
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How do you all feel about Disney Plus? I am incensed that they stole the WARP FIELD from Star Trek. Look at the Disney Plus page and mouse over the icons for the other brands and you see a castle for Disney, clouds for Pixar, the comic intro for Marvel ... but mouse over Star Wars and you get the Star TREK warp-speed stars. We NEVER EVER see the stars do this in Star Wars. We get a pan down at the start of every movie (except for the best one, where we pan up!) and a blue-tinfoil whirlyblob for lightspeed travel. But never EVER do we see the stars "fly past" like they do in Star Trek and when you mouse over the Star Wars logo on the Disney Plus home page.

I wish that were my greatest gripe about this service. I had honestly hoped for more Extras with this. For twenty years I have been craving an online site for Star Wars movies, docs, games,all of it. I have been willing to pay three times as much as Disney Plus wants. It is delightful to be able to put JarJar in a little box on my screen while I work. JarJar on Naboo, JarJar on Tatooine, JarJar on Barotta. Thank you Mr. Eisner. Meesa so smiling!

But where are the extras? Making-Of shorts? Filoni's quippy tidbits? Original 1970s tv spots? ORIGINAL ANH THEATRE RELEASE? haha Boo hoo.

Personally, Disney Plus seems more like Disney BARELY. Especially without Solo or The Lamest Jedi, not to mention Droids Tales, Ewok Adventures, DETOURS!!?? or any other hard to find content. My dream of an all-in-one Star Wars video library seems just as far off as it ever was. My DVD collection is still safe! Plus ain't got it under the jockstrap...

But for 7 bucks, I guess it's a deal. Meesa just wanting a lot moresa.

Post Posted: November 13th 2019 3:30 pm
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I'm disappointed about "Free for One Year for Verizon Costumers." I am a Verizon user, but now it seems I have to upgrade to "Verizon Unlimited" for the freebee to work. That would be a whole lot more expensive than simply paying $7 a month for Disney+.

So no Disney+ for me for now. I loved the first episode of The Mandalorian, but knowing me, I'll probably wait and buy the Blu Ray set whenever it comes out in the future.

Post Posted: November 15th 2019 8:11 pm
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I suppose if you're only in it for the SW content currently available it will be disappointing but personally I'm looking forward to all the planned Marvel content that's forthcoming and I've been enjoying the wealth of old Disney afternoon cartoons (Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, etc) and Marvel toons (X-Men!) they have so far. There's plenty of other great stuff on there too but yeah, if you were hoping for an extensive treasure trove of SW goodies, it's lacking at least at the moment.

Post Posted: December 29th 2019 8:04 am

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Disney Plus is worth it.

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