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Post Posted: September 26th 2014 10:16 pm
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September 26 2014


I just watched these unfinished episodes, and wow they are wonderful.
I hope they can visually complete them some day.

I'd rather see the animation finished on this set than on the "Void" episodes from Season 5 or the "Because Cake Decorations" from one of the previous seasons.

Post Posted: September 27th 2014 6:01 am
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VT-16 wrote:
Or they're the focusing crystals of the Death Star? :mrgreen:

That's my take on it as well.

Bandersnatch wrote:
I hope they can visually complete them some day.

Same here. Such a pity that this arc wasn't finished...

Post Posted: September 27th 2014 6:06 am

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Excellent story. Loved the banter between Skywalker and Kenobi.

Post Posted: September 27th 2014 6:32 am
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It made my day yesterday
excellent arc, it feels it doesn't require explanation and surprisingly satisfying in this unfinished form, thanks to the music, sound and formidable voice cast I did miss hearing the past year.
I am convince the series will manage to keep gathering interest and still have a chance to grow, eventually in its full form at some point, there are reasons to hope.
I was expecting the bounty hunter arc completed, but it doesn't seem out of range, time will tell!

Post Posted: September 28th 2014 7:00 am
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Evening all,

Here are the 720p .mp4 files for the episodes, ripped directly from TOS:

A Death On Utapau
In Search Of The Crystal
Crystal Crisis
The Big Bang

They're on my 'free' ADrive account, and I'm not sure what bandwidth or download restrictions are placed on those, so by all means re-upload them somewhere else if needs be. Also, disregard the "701, 702..." prefixes; that's just how I've named the files so that they sit in order with the other episodes - it's not indicative of any production or intended broadcast order (but you knew that anyway).

Post Posted: September 28th 2014 2:28 pm
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I realized that the Khyber crystal is for a Death Star. I was just wondering if there will be more super weapons in the Sequel Trilogy.

Regarding Maul’s lost arc …
… you can read summaries of the comics at Wookiepedia:

The books reveal that Maul is Mother Talzin’s son. In the past, Sidious promised to make Talzin his apprentice. Instead, he absconded with some of her dark secrets and her child.

At the end of the arc, Talzin is killed by General Grievous. However, Maul lives. Apparently, Sidious isn't worried about future threats from Maul.

Maul’s survival makes the prospect of a standalone Obi-wan film more interesting. Since Kenobi destroys Grievous, are the two even Steven in Maul’s mind? Would Obi-wan compromise his beliefs and mission to protect Luke if an opportunity to end Maul’s life presents itself?[/align][/spoil]

Post Posted: September 29th 2014 2:01 pm
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Thanks Paul_Calf for the videos! I enjoyed them even more than I thought I would :D It's really weird listening to the finalised audio while looking at the rough graphics, but the story was actually pretty decent and would fit nicely into connecting the old and new trilogy.

Post Posted: September 29th 2014 6:55 pm
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Much thanks for posting these, Paul!

This story arc, along with the Son of Dathomir arc, were so good, makes me wonder how in the hell the D Squadron arc ever made it on the air.

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